Cathy Cook Connecticut State Senator: “Congratulations to everyone at the Yard, a role model for the shoreline of Connecticut”

Arthur Rocque, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner: "The Clean Marina program is a partnership."


Dodson Boatyard Achieves Clean Marina Status

We are all proud that Dodson Boatyard has officially achieved status as a Connecticut Clean Marina. At a recent ceremony at the yard attended by town, state and federal legislators and environmental commissioners, Robert Snyder, was presented with a plaque and Clean Marina flag.

The certification process involved nine months of diligent effort obliging the Boatyard to meet and exceed the environmental requirements established by Federal and State agencies. We have reached compliance over a broad range of environmentally friendly initiatives. An outline of these requirements and a summary of what being a Clean Marina entails can be accessed by clicking here.

The foundation for the Clean Marina program was prompted by our own non-mandatory Risk Management Program which was initiated in 1991. These comprehensive voluntary procedures prepared our employees and boat owners alike for this newly acquired official status. Previous dock master Ethan Grimes guided the yard through the certification process last winter and spring.

We would like to thank our customers for their cooperation and appreciation of our determination to make Stonington Harbor and the adjacent Fisher’s Island Sound a cleaner environment. Empirically, the water in the harbor does actually appear to be visibly cleaner and clearer this summer. We all need to monitor ourselves for such concerns as proper disposal of waste; from fish heads to appropriate marine head use and compliance. Other examples of important issues are well tuned engines, recycling and the broad use of environmentally safe products and processes.

Click here or information and useful tips
on being a clean boater.

Dann Lockwood, DBY LLC General manager: “We all want this environment to be pristine”

William Brown, First Selectman: “What an accomplishment for Dodson Boatyard!”

Rob Simmons, US Congressman: “It is extremely important what is being done at a local level… Ethan deserves a round of applause”.

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